Scientifically Proven DIY Antibiotic That Really Works!

Now you don’t have to run to the Doctor every time you get sick. I can’t count the number of times that I wish I had antibiotics at my home so I could avoid the cost of a Doctor’s visit. It always seems to happen when I’ve got some large bill I need to pay and funds are tight…Murphy’s Law, right? I must say that I was really surprised that there was a DIY antibiotic!

This phenomenon occurs when bacteria that has been exposed to antibiotics begin to develop a resistance. This doesn’t occur in individuals, but in the bacteria themselves, making it a health threat to anyone. Antibiotic resistance is becoming a really big threat to public safety.

According to the World Health Organization, antimicrobial resistance is present in all parts of the world with new resistance mechanisms emerging and spreading globally.

She has used this for strep throat, the flu and other things. It has worked every time! I’m pretty amazed about this natural antibiotic and can’t wait to try it, but I can wait to get sick!

So, for those of you who are out there with some type of illness, watch how this gal with Pay It Forward makes this natural antibiotic, get someone to go to the store and pick up these ingredients, and whip it up for you so you can start feeling better soon!

Note: You may want to discuss this with a Doctor before doing this.


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