#SearsMom Monday: All She Wants For Christmas Two Front Teeth and Toys from @SearsCA

It’s fun watching your kids grow up bit by bit, year by year and witness them get more and more excited about the holidays. This year Bean is practically dancing on the ceiling she’s so excited for Christmas. She lost her two bottom front teeth over the past month and she tells everyone that she meets that “All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth.” I always add on “…and just about every present in the Sears Toy Shop catalogue.” 

Sears 7It’s true. I think Bean has 95% of the Sears Toy Shop Catalogue circled. Just look at this page. EVERY SINGLE TOY IS CIRCLED. Before you say differently, look closely. Bean has perfected the art of outlining the toys that she wants. Minnie’s Pampering Pet Salon and Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Multi-Level Play Kitchen are outlined.

Sears 8

I love my girl, and her enthusiasm is fantastic, but this week I decided to give her a little lesson on “It’s Better To Give Than Receive”.

The two of us headed off to our local Sears store. Our goal was simple, we needed gifts for:

  • 3 Children at Daycare
  • 1 New Baby
  • 1 Little Brother

Sears 2Sear’s Toy Catalogue in hand we headed out into the cold. Bean is a bit clothing obsessed right now (I wonder where she get’s that from???) so the minute we entered the store her thoughts went from toys to clothing. My girl was really, really good about picking out shirts that she loved for the little kids, but when it was time to pick out a present for her friend that is the same age as her things got a bit more difficult.

Sears 1“Daisy will LOVE this Princess Sophia shirt,” she said. “And I would love one too! Please, please, please mummy? Can I have one too?”

I reminded Bean that we were shopping for her friends and that at Christmas it is much more important to give than to receive. We moved along to picking a toy for her brother… Funny enough she picked the LeapFrog Read To Me Scout for her little brother which I already had hidden away for him for Christmas. It’s now going to be a gift from sissy.

Sears 5

After checking out, shopping bags in hand we exited the store. “Doesn’t it feel good to pick out special presents for our friends? I bet Daisy will love the Princess Sophia shirt you bought her.”

“I think Daisy will love it Mummy,” Bean said. “I can’t WAIT to see her face when she opens it. ”

That my friends is the true meaning of Christmas.

Sears 4

This is the great haul that we came home with. The store had sales galore and we got to do Scratch and Save at the counter which Bean loved.

Sears 3

Oh and maybe… just maybe… Mommy sneaked an extra Princess Sophia shirt into the basket for her girl who understood the meaning of Christmas. 🙂

Want to win a Sears shopping spree? Sears has the Sears Wishes of Joy Contest on until December 15. Entrants can share their wish lists to win or spin to win up to $10,000 in prizes!

“Disclosure: I am part of the Sears Mom Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

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