Sew Creative Vancouver to Calgary Road Trip

The Hubs recently told me that he wanted to take a Vancouver to Calgary road trip. “Are you crazy?” I asked. “A 13 hour road trip with a 1 year old and an almost 5 year old?”

Somehow I ended up getting talked into it… and I confess it was *mostly* a great experience. We left last Sunday and got home yesterday afternoon.

Sew Creative Family Roadtrip Vancouver to Calgary Mountains 4

The Hubs’ parents and brother live in Saskatchewan. His sister is currently living in Red Deer, Alberta and his cousin lives in Calgary. We decided to all meet in Calgary for a family reunion of sorts.

We did so much on our trip (aka it was a TON of driving). We went to Drumheller to visit the Badlands and the Royal Tyrrell Museum, we visited Canada’s largest mall- West Edmonton Mall, and we went to the Calgary Zoo which was effected by the big flood that happened in Calgary a couple of months ago.

I’ll write about our time in Alberta later, but today I thought I would focus on the drive from Vancouver to Calgary.

Sew Creative Family Roadtrip Vancouver to Calgary Mountains 3

As we were driving The Hubs said to me “You see, isn’t this such a beautiful drive?” He told me that his family used to make the drive when he was a kid and how foreign and beautiful the landscape of the mountains and the trees was to him in contrast to the flat plains of the prairie where he grew up.

Sew Creative Family Roadtrip Vancouver to Calgary Mountains

His thoughts made me think about how I felt driving through the mountains. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. When I took in the sights of the mountains, trees and rivers I wasn’t shocked by the beauty, instead it felt like coming home. Driving from Vancouver to Calgary made me think “Yes! This is why I live in the Pacific Northwest. This is why I can’t imagine living anywhere else!”

Sew Creative Family Roadtrip Vancouver to Calgary Mountains 2

I thought I would share a few photos that I took on our drive with you. Whether they are a familiar sight or a foreign one, I think we can all agree that British Columbia truly is a beautiful corner of the world.

Sew Creative Family Roadtrip Vancouver to Calgary Lake Louise ChateauDriving for 13 hours with a 1 and 5 year old was an interesting experience. My tips for other families making the trip would be:

-Take lots of breaks. We tended to drive for 2 to 3 hours and then stop for half an hour to an hour.

-Bring lots of drinks and snacks with you.

-Create fun music playlists for different moods. When the kids needed a boost we played a Disney playlist, when we needed a lift we played my “Feeling Good” playlist and when we were driving through Merritt we were in the mood for some good old country music so we listened to Lady Antebellum and Blake Shelton.

-Don’t push yourself to hard. We considered doing the drive all in one day. It would have been too much for us and the kids. When taking along road trip allow for an overnight stop.

-Allow time to stop and visit fun places along the way. A road trip isn’t just about arriving at your final destination… it’s about the destinations you find along the way. 

Sew Creative Family Roadtrip Vancouver to Calgary Lake Louise Family Photo 2

Tell me… Are the views from our drive familiar or foreign to you? What is the terrain like where you live? Have you taken any road trips with young children? Do you have tips and tricks to add to our list?

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