Sewing Hack: How To Gather Fabric Like A Pro

Love sewing hacks and tricks to help you improve your sewing skills? Learn how to gather fabric the easy way by watching this video and seeing that you just might have been using the wrong method up until now. right I just found by far, the easiest method for making gathers, ruffles, or pleats when sewing fabric! Turns out you need to add an item into the mix, and I certainly would have had no idea you could do this without this nifty video tutorial showing me how to get perfect gathers. I was trying to make a skirt last week, and I got really frustrated when the fabric did not lay down properly like the tutorial showed. Turns out, I was doing it all wrong, even though I thought I had already learned how to gather fabric the right way.

After I tried using this method, my pleats turned out perfectly, even better than the ones shown in the tutorial post I was following. Knowing how to gather the right way has definitely upped my sewing game, and even though I am no expert, I am now quite good at gathering thanks to this video and tip. I’ve now made a few more skirts and some super cute gathered kitchen towels, projects which used to really frustrate me. If you are a beginner to sewing, this skill is a must learn. However, I am not a complete beginner, but my Mom taught me, and I had no idea you could use this method for gathering fabric. See for yourself…

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