She Adds This Secret Ingredient To A Mason Jar But Watch What She Adds Next. Brilliant!

Our lives can become really demanding at times and we have to look for solutions that will save us time. This gal comes up with something brilliant that saves her an incredible amount of time, freeing up some time so she can slow down and breath at bit.

What she does is a such a great idea! She decided to make some awesome and tasty salad recipes to put in mason jars so she can just grab one out of the refrigerator when she’s on the go. She makes a Chinese chicken salad that had my mouth watering when I watched her tutorial. She always puts the dressing in the bottom of the jar when she starts putting the ingredients in the jar.

For this Chinese chicken salad she adds a Chinese dressing on the bottom, chicken, lettuce, mandarin oranges, crunchy almond slivers, and wontons (optional). The next salad she makes is a barbecue ranch salad and she adds half ranch and barbecue to begin with, then she adds chicken, lettuce, black beans, corn and cheese, cherry tomatoes for a fabulous Mexican salad. The next great salad she makes she adds balsamic vinaigrette dressing, chicken, lettuce, strawberries, and tops it with Feta cheese.

Watch how TiffyQuake makes the next salad in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making these delicious salads. It sure does take a lot of pressure off of lunch ideas!


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