Thursday, November 30

She Adds Turquoise Pom Poms And What She Does Next Is Something You Need This Summer!

My family and I are going on vacation this summer and I’ve tried to remember everything we’re gonna need, which is a tough job, since none of them are good about packing.

When I was browsing through Pinterest the other night, I realized I was forgetting one very important item that I needed to take on our trip, since we are going to be vacationing at the beach…a swimsuit coverup! How could I have forgotten?

At least I found an easy tutorial so I could whip one out real quick and this was the perfect one. I made mine with turquoise cotton gauzy fabric and trimmed it in hot pink pom pom trim. I just love it!┬áThe gauze can be found in most fabric stores and is a great price for making these great coverups. If I still have time, I’m gonna make one for my daughter, since she wants to steal the one I made for myself!

There is just something so incredibly charming about pom pom trim and I think this quick and easy pom pom beach cover up is no exception. It is so cute I could wear it as real clothes with a pair of shorts underneath!

Watch how Melanie Ham sews this cute cover up in her step by step tutorial and make yourself one!


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