She Applies Elmer’s Glue On Her Freshly Painted Red Chair And Watch What Happens Next!

I was totally clueless that you could use Elmer’s glue to achieve these results! This is exactly why I’m always looking at DIY’s! It’s amazing how much I’ve learned…and still have yet to learn! Thank goodness I don’t see all this stuff at once! My head is already like a circus inside! So many ideas and not enough time to do all of them!

Wacky Debi, with Debi’s Design Diary is always coming up with awesome ideas. She’s a real trip to watch! She always adds some zaniness to her tutorials! I just love her!

Here’s a Tip:

  • The DIY crackle-paint effect works best on materials that accept glue and acrylic paint well, including porous materials such as wood, cardboard and paper, as well as natural fabrics such as muslin or canvas.

You can also do this technique on any furniture pieces, wooden candle sticks, your kitchen cabinets and more!

Watch this step by step tutorial and go get your Elmer’s glue and paint you want to use so you can watch how your piece will transform right before your eyes! It’s pretty nifty!


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