She Attaches Boxwood Clippings To A Wreath, Then She Hangs It On A Cool Farmhouse Item!

I love things like this! You can create the warmest and coziest feeling in your home when you add things like this to your decor. The cool thing about this DIY project? It cost her only $13 to make!

This type of accessory will look lovely with just about any home decor and it would even look fabulous hanging on a front or back door too!

When I first saw this I fell in love with it immediately and had to make one for my home! I love old barn wood or weathered wood combined chicken wire, but the wreath with the greenery really adds such a unique look to this beautiful project.

What a unique combination that gives this a look that calls you to make and hang one somewhere in your home…without a doubt. I know it did me, when I first laid eyes on it!

I don’t have any specific style in my home decor because I love unique looking things. I must say that my home decor is quite interesting and I believe quite tasteful as well. I consider my collection of decor items are all fun and interesting and my quests always enjoy coming over. I get a lot of positive feedback any time someone steps through the door.

Watch how Matt and Amber Plus 3 makes this cool wreath, on this weathered looking frame and chicken wire, in their step by step tutorial.




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