She Attaches Crystals To A Plate And Creates A Breakfast At Tiffany’s Inspired Item!

This fabulous DIY project made me drool when I first saw it and I knew immediately that I was going to have to make this! I absolutely love things like this…shiny sparkly things! The best news about it is that you can get all your supplies at the Dollar Store!
I had been looking for an inexpensive way to create a tabletop chandelier and this gal in the attached tutorial does it perfectly. And, I might add, very easily too!
This looks absolutely stunning on my dining room table. I had always wanted a hanging chandelier in there and never really got around to shopping for one, since there were so many other expenses. When I saw this one and how cheap it was to make I got busy making one and I just love it!
If you’re getting married, in the near future, keep this in mind. Since they are so cheap and easy to make, you will save money on table decor. These are the perfect item to add some sparkle to your wedding!
Watch how Danielle Walcott makes this beautiful table chandelier in her step by step tutorial so you can get started making one for your home….or wedding!

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