She Bends Wire This Way, Then That Way, And Watch The Phenomenal Outcome! (GORGEOUS!)

I don’t know about you, but this is something it seems like I never have enough of, or at least the right ones when I need them. When I ran across this tutorial I was so excited! I jumped all over this immediately and have made some pretty dynamite looking earrings! The first pair I made were like the ones in the tutorial, called Atlantic Waves…they are so darned cool!

I needed a gift for a friend and made her some of these. She was beyond excited to receive them and couldn’t believe that I actually made them! Those are the kinds of gifts that your friends really appreciate and will treasure forever.

There are so many fun shapes you can make with┬áthis wire! It’s very easy to manipulate. I just wish I’d know about this before now, but at least I get to take advantage of this now! And, boy, am I!

I now know what I’m gonna start making for early Christmas presents for the gals in my family! They’re gonna love them! I always spend way too much money on Christmas gifts and this year is going to be different! I’m armed with so many amazing DIY’s that I have no excuse not to take advantage of them!

You can buy this wire for next to nothing with Michaels or Hobby Lobby coupons! They usually have 40-50% off of at least one item, so take advantage of that and go get you some wire and get started making your fabulous one of a kind earrings!

Watch this step by step tutorial by Making it Easy With Liz!

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