She Bought Supplies At The Dollar Store To Make This Clever Gift That Moms Everywhere Will Treasure!

This little DIY project is such a sentimental gift to give to your Mother for Mother’s Day. I can’t imagine any Mother that wouldn’t appreciate having one of these in her home! Read a little further and you’ll see why!

You could say that DIY project has that shabby chic appeal that offers up those warm and fuzzy feelings when you see it. Of course, once you add those special photos to it these are even more endearing to our Mothers. I can’t think of anything they would love more than to have a special picture frame holding a photo of their grandchildren, can you?

I certainly wouldn’t have thought of adding twine to a glass candelabra would you? I think this lady had her thinking cap on, for sure! And, most of us have scrap wood laying around, but if not, these small pieces are easy and cheap to pick up at a craft store, or even Home Depot.

These are also something you might want to put in your own home, since they are such a special way to display photos of your loved ones! I made a few of these for my home, along with one for my Mother, but I painted mine white. It looks so good with the contrasting burlap and the twine. Just another idea for you to toss around in your head!

Watch how Kelly Barlow makes these in her step by step tutorial. They make awesome gifts!


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