She Brushes A Product On A Canvas And What She Does Next Is Like Magic. Watch!

Do you know that feeling when your creative bug starts tugging at you?  You just want to get your hands dirty and create something from scratch. But we all have those half finished creative projects laying around, that we didn’t quite have time to finish.

Today I want to share an easy creative project that looks like it took a lot of time to do, but really it’s just about an hour. I’m in love with this easy project, so simple and beautiful.

You will love how easy this project is…not to mention how cheap!  I priced these on some photo sites and even on sale, they are still about $65.

I paid way less than that with this project.  I got my 8×10 prints for about $4 each, and a pack of canvases for $5 for 2.  With the Mod Podge (which will be used for many more projects to come) and everything, I paid a little less than $8 a canvas.

What you’ll need:
– A canvas
– Gel Medium (I use Liquitex, but any brand will do)
– A brush
– A Xerox copy of your photo (remember it will be mirrored once it’s on the canvas)

Watch how BFranklinCrafts does this easy yet cool DIY project in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy transferring your favorite photos to canvas!

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