She Buys Picture Frames From The Dollar Store And Creates A DIY So Perfect, You’ll Want To Make Two!

Do you love easy and frugal decorating ideas?  Well then, here is a post for you.  I keep seeing those gorgeous old-timey lanterns in catalogues and on websites like Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel.  I am so in love…. until the price tag catches my eye.

This is such an awesome way to upcycle those picture frames that you’re no longer using, or, you can decorate with dollar store items! Isn’t it fun to create new things and then decorate your home with them?

Here’s the deal, sometimes those craft supplies can be pricey. Why not think outside the box and use the dollar store? You might just be pleasantly surprised. I’m excited about the great ways to use dollar store items to decorate with.

This same DIY frame project can also be used to make terrariums. Also, many brides do this to save money and they put photos in the frames, along with the candles in the center. You can see photos on Pinterest.

I saw a really cool one where someone used chicken wire in place of the glass and it was really rustic, if that’s the decor you’re leaning towards.

Watch how this gal with Blu3 Tool-box does this in her step by step tutorial!



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