She Buys Plates At The Dollar Store And Makes A Brilliant And Thoughtful Gift!

I think this is the most endearing gift you can give to someone who means a lot to you. It doesn’t cost much but will mean everything to the person you give it to. This is truly a wonderful keepsake!

Make your own Memories Plate in minutes! These are super cute gifts for friends, boyfriends, holiday decor, or as a cookie plate for Santa!

While I was writing this post I texted my daughter and told her that this is what I want from her for Christmas. I cannot think of anything that would mean for to me.

I did something similar to this for my Mom several years ago. I wrote everything I could think of about her on a canvas with a paint pen. She still has it hanging on her bedroom wall. I think it was a gift that really meant a lot to her and I will have it someday to read and remember her by.

If you’re looking for gifts for your children to give to special family members this is perfect! I can’t think of anything they would love more.

Watch how HelloBrightDIY does this DIY project in her step by step tutorial and get started on your special person’s plate.


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