She Buys Sweaters From The Thrift Store And Makes These Fabulous Bracelets!

A cozy accessory on your wrist…a totally unique and fabulous idea.

Over the holidays I picked up several thrifted fair isle sweaters that I had planned to use to make some new stockings for our family. One of them in particular was a sweet little red and purple one that I loved but it was a super tiny baby sweater and was badly moth eaten so not really something that could be worn again and in the end a little too small for a full stocking.

I wanted to use it somehow though because I just loved the print and so I cut it up and set it aside knowing that it would be perfect refashioned as a chunky bangle for the winter months. As luck would have it on Christmas Eve my baby sister, Annie, gifted me a big chunky hand knit bangle (for the record she hand knitted the big purple one because she has real yarn skills – she always makes such sweet hand knit gifts for us I love it!) and the color matched perfectly to the one sitting on my crafting table at home! It was just enough incentive to finish up the one I had started and I love how it turned out. I thought I would share a little step by step with you today in case you are in the mood to make a stack for the chilly winter months too!

These bracelets look awesome with some thrift store bobbles and/or yarn pom poms added to them. Another great idea is embroidering a design on them! You can go crazy thinking of all the fabulous ways to decorate these bracelets! I just love them and so do my friends who I’ve gifted them to!

Watch how Debi with Debi’s Design Diary makes these to die for bracelets in her step by step tutorial and have fun making these!

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