She Came Up With A Solution To Keep Her Dogs Out Of The Cat Box And It’s Perfect!

Top entry litter boxes cost approximately $40 if you buy one like this at the pet store. I saw another top entry litter box online that was almost $100! But, if you do what PeachySara does, it will only cost you $7!

I was having an issue with my Schnauzers helping themselves to my cat’s litter box. I got tired of seeing cat litter hanging off of my dogs beards and went on the hunt for a solution. I saw a litter box like this one at Petsmart for $40 and when I looked at it I realized that all I needed was a large plastic tub with a top on it and an exacto knife! I ran to Big Lots and bought a $5 tub and cut a hole in the top of it with an exacto knife. This was so easy that it’s almost ridiculous! Needless to say, I was pretty proud of myself!

These are great and not only do they keep the dog out, but it keeps the litter in. Plus, you don’t have to look at the contents!

If you’re concerned about whether your cat will use this, all I did was sit my cat’s litter box next to the new one and with curiosity being a cat’s nature, he went in without any problem. After he did that, his old cat box disappeared and it hasn’t been a problem since!

Watch how Sara makes this clever cat box in her step by step tutorial so you can keep your dogs out of your cat’s litter box too!

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