She Cleans These Old Pennies To Make A Stunning Item You Have To See To Believe !

I believe I pick up a penny off the ground at least every other day! There’s a saying that you will have luck if this happens…not sure, but I haven’t had any bad luck lately, so that’s good! I always pick them up and put them in a jar.  Well, after seeing this, I know what I’m gonna do with them and this is a stunner!

I’ve seen fabulous tables that have been upcycled with pennies glued on the surface, but I hadn’t ever seen this amazing vase! I had almost enough pennies to do it too!

I like what Huffington Post says about pennies. “Pennies are pretty much useless currency in this day and age. What can they really buy you? But maybe we’re looking at it all wrong…instead of what they can buy you, how about what can they make you?

If you’re one to toss your pennies in the change plate at your local coffee shop or overlook a one-center on the ground, you should take a gander at these cool projects. All of them take just a few pennies to make…with epic end results.”  I couldn’t have said it better!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can make one of these too! Oh, and your friends will want to see this too, so SHARE it with them on Facebook!

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