She Cleverly Glues Her Initial To The Lid Of A Mason Jar And Watch She Does Next Is So Cool!

It’s just amazing when you think about the things that you can make from a single item that you might have thrown away during the years as useless. The mason jar is one of those things that you probably have dozens of stashed away in your home without using them. But just because you don’t need them anymore for their original purpose doesn’t mean that you can’t make use of them.

On the contrary, mason jars are a very popular platform for many DIY projects that do not require any specific skills and materials to craft by yourself. You can use them to craft all kinds of items, for example party decorations, storage, lights, home decor etc. There are just way too many things that you can craft from mason jars!

Today I’m sharing 4 decorative mason jar snow globes that are a lot of fun. I especially like the one with the initial to give as gifts. They are more personalized. In the other 3 snow globes she uses plastic animals or creatures that you can pick up at the dollar store. All you’ll need is mason jars, glycerin, a glue gun, glitter, decorative trim and some twine (optional).

This is one of the easiest things to do and would be a great DIY project to do with kids on a rainy day or days when they are out of school. Kids love these and it keeps them occupied…for at least a few minutes! LOL!

Watch how Sea Lemon does this in her step by step tutorial.

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