She Cleverly Turns Her Scrap Bin Treasures Into Something Gorgeous And Useful (Watch!)

I don’t know about you, but whenever I work on a sewing or quilting project, I always end up with leftover bits and pieces of fabric that I simply can’t bear to throw away. As a result, I have almost as much scrap fabric in my stash as actual useful yardage.

This is really easy to do and the only tool you need is your hands. It’s also pretty addictive to make and the perfect thing to do while binge watching Netflix!

This fabric twine is perfect for decorating presents, making rugs, placemats and the list goes on and on. You can even wrap it around baskets, flower pots and vases. This is the perfect way to turn your fabric scraps into something beautiful and useful. There are endless possibilities of what you can do with this!

I’ve seen tons of projects for scrap twine on Pinterest. Make sure to look at all the cool things people have made with this…you’ll be so surprised!

It would seem that I’m not alone in my odds-and-ends fabric hoarding, because Cintia from My Poppet Blogs has put together this brilliant scrap fabric twine tutorial for just such a problem. Watch how she does this in her step by step tutorial!


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