She Creates A Pattern With An Item She Already Owns And Easily Makes What We All Need!

I picked this to share with you today because I believe all woman love and spend money on these and we don’t need to buy them anymore…you can now make them yourself!

Yoga pants and leggings might not seem like the first item on your list of things to sew, but learning to make some more practical things in your wardrobe can be just as rewarding as a fancy party dress. And let’s be honest, leggings will certainly get more everyday wear!

Leggings need to be made from stretch knit fabrics, but additionally, the fabric should have a strong recovery. What does that mean? Basically, if the fabric doesn’t bounce back quickly and with a snap when pulled, it isn’t good for leggings.

The best fabric for leggings or yoga pants is made with some spandex in it. From there, it can be cotton or a blend, just as long as there is some spandex included so it will snap back into shape during wear.

Leggings are in fact one of the smartest articles of clothing ever created . We all love wearing our leggings as pants , simply because absolutely nothing is more comfortable. From time to time, though, being dressed in black each and every single day can get boring. 
My exercise activities of choice are biking and yoga.  For both, I like a stretchy pant that is very high waisted so there is no chance of them falling down.  It is nice to be able to make my own and control the details. I put a band on the top of these pants so they can be worn at full height, or folded over at the top.
Watch how Nikki Mele makes these in her step by step tutorial.

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