She Creates A Rather Unique Way To Store Her Fabric Scraps. Watch!

This is the most unique container I’ve seen in a long time and it looks so adorable sitting in your sewing room!

And, might I say, I have never seen such a cute container, whether it’s for fabric scraps or for storing something else in.

Fabric baskets are all the rage these days, but have you ever seen one like this before?! This is a must-have functional decorative fabric basket that will keep the clutter at bay and look cute at the same time.

Have you ever seen fabric baskets in department stores, looked at the price and gasped, thinking “I could do this, myself!”? Well, now’s the time to walk the talk and get this unique little gem made! Your friends will want one as soon as they see yours!

Fellow crafters will agree that the fabric stash is non-negotiable. We all inadvertently sign a blind contract upon purchasing fabric that states we’ll never throw this fabric away. Ever.

I will keep every scrap of this fabric, no matter what. Period. Why? Because I threw some away one time and regretted it as soon as I did. I found an incredible DIY project that I could have used it for. Since then I’ve hung onto my fabric scraps.

Watch how ArtsAndCrafts4you makes this incredibly unique fabric storage container in their step by step tutorial.



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