She Cuts 2 Pieces Of Fabric And Makes These Quick And Easy Items We All Need!

This is a great DIY project and it only takes 15 minutes to make one of these…my kind of project, for sure! You can never have too many of these, so why not make them when they take such little time to do?

This is a place mat that’s so easy and quick that you won’t mind sewing a set of four! She places her fabrics together, with a piece of batting in between them and sews crossways in two directions, giving it a quilted crisscross look and it keeps the fabrics in place.

The cool thing about these placemats is that she shows us how to do mitered corners on them. This is a great tutorial if you want to learn a new trick!

How many times have you flipped over a pretty napkin or tablecloth and noticed the neat, polished look of a mitered corner?

Mitering fabric is actually quite easy to construct and they can make such a difference in the presentation of a handmade item.

These adorable place mats are a breeze to make, and fun too! It’s great to have several sets of placemats because if you’re anything like me, mine are in the dirty clothes when I want to use them.

Watch how ArtsAndCrafts4You makes these lovely placemats, in a matter of no time at all, in her step by step tutorial.

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