She Cuts A Bunch Of Ribbons And Saves A Ton Of Money By Making This Herself!

My daughter just sent me a photo, after making one of these for a friend, and it was absolutely incredible. She even braided the ribbon the way they do in the attached tutorial. I was certainly impressed and know that she saved a ton of money by doing it herself!

As a Texas gal, it’s always been on my bucket list to learn how to make a Homecoming Mum. Nothing says fall in Texas quite like the Friday night lights at a homecoming game, with girls proudly wearing their mums for all to see.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and mums are no exception! I love this tradition so much! Homecoming is so exciting and it’s fun to see all of the beautiful mums the girls show up with, but it starts during the school day and all of the girls are so excited to show off their mums.

Many best friends give each other a mum and some girls have so many mums on their outfits that they look like a walking flower shop! You could probably stock the ribbon in a fabric store with all the ribbon involved.

When I made a mum for my daughter, I decided to start small with a single mum, since this was my first try. But this tutorial can easily be adapted to double or even triple mums — just add more flowers and loops and points! The sky’s the limit when making mums.

Watch how this gal with Offray Ribbon makes this phenomenal mum in her step by step tutorial.



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