She Cuts A Pallet And Makes A Really Useful Item That We Can All Use. Watch!

Pallets have been all over Pinterest for a couple years now. So I know this is not a new idea, but nevertheless I think it’s pretty fantastic and the pallet was pulled from a dumpster so how’s that for thriftiness? Free makes me happy!
All I have to say is God Bless Pallets! They have so many fabulous uses and they’re free to boot! I love the look of shelving made out of pallet wood. It has that real authentic rustic charm.
Pallets can be used in your bathroom’s decor in places such as walls, vanity, towels storage, stand shelf and cabinets. You can stain them, paint them, distress them…so many great options for these jewels!
One of the great things about having an innovative mind is the freedom and skill to make something out of practically nothing – or ‘garbage’! We all know about the versatility of a Pallet and all of the awesome things we can make out of them.
A pallet is simply a wooden structure used by manufacturers, distributors and companies to transport various types of goods and equipment. Fortunately for many creative geniuses, these discarded and used pallets, have become part of their furniture and even added to their home décor. They can be obtained free at warehouses, supermarkets or nearby dumpsters of hardware stores.
Watch how Gator Finishing makes this great pallet shelf in their step by step tutorial.

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