She Cuts An Item Out Of Designer Fabric And Makes An Easy And Fun Item For Her Wardrobe!

This is such a fun and easy item that is an awesome DIY project for beginners at sewing. You can sew this in no time and make up several to add a pop of color to many of your outfits.

If you ever need that extra little something for your outfit this little shrug is a fun addition. I have a lot of vests that I add to my outfits when I feel like I need a little extra color or style and since I saw this great little tutorial I’ve made a few of these shrugs for this purpose.

I wear a lot of t-shirts and, on occasion, I like to add a little something to them to dress them up a little bit. I wear a lot of scarves and accessories so I added this to my options when I get dressed. It’s fun and simple. I love the way it hangs in the front.

Of course you don’t need to be a beginner at sewing to make one of these…it’ll just take you much less time to make!

Trust me, you’ll be glad when you make one of these. I’ll bet you can’t make just one!  I’ve made several in my favorite bright colors and I made a navy and a khaki one too.

Watch how this gal with Stalk My Closet makes this cute shrug in her step by step tutorial so you can get started making yours!


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