She Cuts And Sews Shapes That Look Like Petals And Makes A Magical Item You Want!

This is such a fabulous DIY project, you won’t believe your eyes when you see the technique she uses to give this a gorgeous item a 3D effect!

I’m sure you can tell that I’m excited to share this with you. I’ve never seen anything so fascinating! It’s so interesting how she attaches a product called Texture Magic to a piece of fabric by sewing rows of stitches to sew the fabric to to it.

You can sew stitches any way that you want. When it’s all sewn together you take it to your iron and hit it with steam. The Texture Magic shrinks and as a result you end up with the most interesting texture to the fabric, giving it a really unique puckered effect.

Turning ordinary fabric into textured fabric opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Try it with this fun DIY pillow.

Watch how Laura Coia makes this stunning flower pillow in her step by step tutorial. I couldn’t wait to try the Texture Magic!

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