She Cuts Black Crepe Paper And Wraps Brown For An Incredibly Real Looking Sunflower!

I bought some pretty real looking sunflowers off of Amazon and hadn’t seen this tutorial before I bought them, but now that I have, I’ll definitely be making a lot of these. I just love sunflowers and they really brighten up your decor!

I love making these and do it while I’m watching the shows I’ve recorded on TV. I’ve made up a bunch of these because I want to have them for gifts. My friends absolutely love them, but they aren’t into DIY projects the way I am. They just wait around for me to receive the as a gift!

I’ve also used these on gift wrapped packages and it’s so lovely! The presentation is everything, right? It always makes me excited to give someone a gift that looks so beautiful.

One of my recent posts I attached a tutorial for making peonies and I made a bunch of those. I just love flowers and am a firm believer that a house isn’t a home without at least one vase of flowers, whether they’re real or just look real!

This is a really fun project to do with girlfriends. Several of us got together and made these and we had the best time!

Watch how this gal with ABC TV makes these wonderful sunflowers in her step by step tutorial and gather your friends for a flower making party.


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