She Cuts Circles, Attaches Them To Squares And Makes A Brilliantly Beautiful Item!

This is probably one of the very best tutorials I have seen for making a quilt using the basic Drunkard’s path block. In fact, this tutorial probably makes any other instruction we can give you obsolete and redundant.

The drunkard’s path is a quilt square with a ton of history. Some people say that it was used as a form of communication between slaves on the underground  railroad.  Can you imagine having to sew a whole quilt just to send a message to your friends?

Traditionally this quilt is made with just two colors, usually white and either blue or red.  But you could do it with any number of colors.

The drunkard’s path quilt patterns are a popular favorite among more experienced quilters who love a bit of a challenge. Characterized by its zig zag pattern made of curved fabric pieces, this pattern resembles the path a staggering drunk might take on his way home.

The good news is that the quilt tutorial Laura shows us, in the attached tutorial, isn’t difficult, as a matter of fact she talks about how easy hers is to make.

Watch how Laura makes this cool quilt in her step by step tutorial so you can get started on yours!



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