She Cuts Fabric To Match The Drawing–You’ll Want To Do This Magical Little Secret! 

When I’m quilting, being imperfect can get pretty frustrating.​ If you’re like me, and getting perfect points while machine stitching fabric seems impossible, you should definitely try this magical little secret.

Paper pieced quilt blocks are an easy (or easier) way to reach that near-perfect look we’re all going for.​

These are quilt blocks made by stitching your fabric directly onto paper. Some people call this foundation paper piecing, and it’s especially useful when you’re making small blocks, intricate angles, or when you’re new to quilting.

This post is all about how to sew your own gorgeous paper pieced quilt blocks. Get ready for near perfection!

Now, about the paper…Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper has got it going on. You can get it for approx. $5.39 for 50 sheets at JoAnn’s. Her foundation paper is handy because it’s not bulky, it absorbs ink really well, and you can print straight onto it. It holds up really well during stitching, but it’s still pretty easy to tear away afterwards. If you want to set yourself up for success.

Simple Foundations Translucent Vellum is also a fancier option than your regular freezer or tracing paper, but it has a higher cost for a reason ($8.87 at Walmart) Vellum is really easy to see through, and also really easy to cut (and tear away).

If you’re worried about your paper piecing project going well, this will simplify the process a bit. Watch for some light ink smearing straight from the printer–vellum is a little less absorbent than Carol Doak’s paper.

It is not recommended to use printer paper and freezer paper is a little harder to tear away from the fabric.

Watch how Laura Coia does this clever project in her step by step tutorial.

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