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She Cuts From One Corner To The Other, Forming Triangles. What She Makes Is Stunning!

I have to say that this is one of my favorite quilt patterns and it’s pretty easy to make, compared to how intricate it looks when you see the finished product.

The first quilt I ever made was a fan quilt.  This was before the internet was in everyone’s home and it may have not followed true quilting methods, but it was a warm quilt and I used it for a very long time.

I found this fun and easy method for making a fan square in the attached tutorial.  It is fun to take these squares and turn them and/or add a solid square or turn on point and see what type of quilt design you can make.

This elegant block allows you to showcase your skill with color and pattern. It has always brought back some of my fondest memories, growing up and sleeping under one of these.

This is a great chance to use up some of your favorite fabric scraps. I love using fabric scraps from things I’ve made for my daughter, in the past. I think it means a lot to her to see scraps of fabrics that I made clothing for her out of. I have that same experience when I look at some of the quilts my Mother has made out of clothing she made for me many many years ago. It just warms my heart! I know that many of you can relate to what I’m talking about.

Watch how Laura Coia, with Sew Very Easy, makes this lovely quilt so you can get started making one for your home!