She Cuts Out Scottie Dogs And Makes The Cutest Quilt Ever. Watch!

Most of us are animal lovers…some cats, some dogs and some both, but what would we do without our furry friends?

It’s usually assumed that quilts with Scottish Terriers on quilts were inspired by Fala the Scottie that Franklin Roosevelt took with him almost everywhere he went. The feisty little dog was so well known it’s been said that Fala was as popular as his presidential master.

It’s amusing to learn that the name Fala is short for his full name, Murray, the Outlaw of Fala Hill. I imagine quilters making this quilt were thinking of Fala during the 1940s.

There’s always been something so endearing about Scottie dogs and their plaid trimmings that you always see on paintings, t-shirts and all kinds of items. This quilt is so stunning and I know that I am going to have to make one myself!

I saw a baby quilt on, Pinterest, that had Scottie dogs and they used red plaid flannel. I think that would be the cutest theme for a baby boy’s room, don’t you? The red and black looks so rich.

I love anything with dogs on it. It really doesn’t matter what the breed is. I’m a huge dog lover and I love cats too! If it’s a helpless creature I’m probably gonna love it!

Watch how this lady with QuiltInADay makes this darling quilt in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making one for your family or for a gift.


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