She Cuts Shapes Out Of Fabric And The Easy Thing She Does Next Will Surprise You!

I was so surprised when I saw what she used to o this DIY sewing project and what she used. I’d never heard of this product she uses and I was amazed at what you can do with it!

There are a few things you can do when you sew that can give character, life and customization to the project.

Applique is one of them.  The possibilities with this is endless!  You have the ability to choose the topic, image, size and fabric color to use.  Then the choice of where to put it, what project to use it on….the list goes on!

She uses  a special thread, from Superior, called Charlotte’s Fusible Web and it actually binds the applique to the fabric when you iron it…amazing huh? I’d never heard of this and I’m pretty excited about it! It acts like glue once it is heated by the iron. She puts this thread in her bobbin and she said to please note, that this is not normal thread and you will want to keep the bobbin in a separate place so you won’t get confused and use it on another sewing project that is not appliques.

For the thread you put for the top stitching she uses a very fine thread called mono polyester. So you will trace the pattern onto the fabric and sew on the top part of the fabric, around close to the part you traced on the inside.

Watch how she does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get a good idea of how I’m trying to explain this to you. It’s always much easier to see it, rather than try to explain it! This is such a fun way to applique! You’ll never do it the other way again!



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