She Cuts Stars Out Of Cardboard And You’ll Never Guess What She Does Next (Watch!)

This is such a fun and easy DIY project and the results are spectacular! No need to buy one of these when you can make one yourself! I’ve seen these made out of tin cans, but it’s much easier to make using cardboard, when cutting out the stars.

It’s is such a  cool effect when you turn this lamp on at night and the stars shine all over the walls, creating such a peaceful ambience. This is wonderful to put in your bedroom. It makes a great nightlight for your kids too! They are really fascinated by the stars shining all over the room and ceiling. I made one of these and when my grandchildren come to visit they are so mesmerized. This is like bringing the outdoors inside. You can have your own starry night right inside your home!

Make sure not to use a light bulb over 40 watts or a CFL light bulb would be even better, for a safety precaution. After gluing the sides of the cardboard together to make a box shape, simply put the lid on top and place on the base and you’re good to go!

You can make as many lamp shades you want and change them out when or if you get board with the stars.  You may also make shades that are different shapes, as long as they fit the base.

You’re allowed to take shortcuts in life, especially if they make your house pretty. I’m the Queen of Shortcuts with all of the wonderful DIY projects available to us today!

Watch how GuideCentral English does this great project in their step by step tutorial.



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