She Cuts The Wires On An Old Chandelier And Transforms It To Awesome Outdoor Lighting!

I love a good deal and a great repurpose!  This is a fun and simple project I wanted to share with you. This will be a wonderful addition to your outdoor decor and keep things interesting!

I wanted to show you this great tutorial for repurposing  chandeliers into useful outdoor patio solar lights.

I picked up a chandelier for $2 at my local thrift store. You can get these easily since they used to be in many homes and people have upgraded their fixtures and no longer use them.

She spray paints the chandelier with Rustoleum paint so the chandelier won’t rust in the weather. You have a wide variety of colors to choose from, so pick your favorite! I painted mine turquoise…my favorite color!

After the chandelier is dry, the next thing she does is unscrew the pieces and started snipping wires and pulling them out. Watch how she does this in the tutorial attached below. This is such an easy DIY project for such an amazing backyard addition.

Have you bought solar lights lately?  They have come a long way.  These will charge in the sun or shade.  How cool is that?

Make sure to watch how this lady, with Kansas City Live TV, does this in her step by step tutorial and, if you don’t already have an old chandelier light, go check out your favorite thrift store!

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