She Cuts Up Old Clothes And You’ll Have To Have This Clever Item She Makes. Watch!

After seeing this tutorial you will think twice before tossing your old clothes! This gal has the right idea when she cuts up her family’s old clothes and puts them to an amazing use.

Well, if you hate to throw anything away this is definitely the DIY project for you! Now you can cut up those old clothes you were going to take to Goodwill and make an incredible rag rug out of them.

Also, you can throw in some of those lovely pieces of fabric you have leftover from all those sewing projects that you don’t know what to do with.

When I made mine, I had so many old clothes that it took me a while to cut them up, but I ended up with a big shag rug for my living room! I did spend a little more time making it because it was so large, but I made it while watching the TV shows I’d recorded, so time flew by.

I my shag rung under my coffee table and just love the way it makes my living room look. It’s also fun to reflect by on the memories the clothing scraps hold in my mind.

Whether you have old clothing or fabric scraps you wish to use, they offer a some incredible projects to put to good use. From crafty jewelry and hair accessories to wall art and home decor.

This step by step tutorial has an incredibly creative ways to use clothes and scraps you no longer have a purpose for!


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