She Cuts Up Small Squares And Places Them Like A Mosaic Creating A Unique Quilt!

This is the perfect DIY sewing project to use up some of your favorite scraps! Since I love doing tile mosaics I was drawn to this quilt because I love anything that has a mosaic look. It’s super easy to make too!¬†And we have strip piecing and chain piecing to thank for that!

I couldn’t wait to make this quilt and use up some of my favorite scraps and that’s exactly what I did. I love how my mosaic quilt turned out…so many memories wrapped up in it!

This quilt was different than any other quilt I’ve made and I didn’t know about this pattern until I saw the tutorial that I’ve attached below.

When I made my mosaic quilt I used brighter colors, unlike the ones she used in her tutorial. I have to say that I like mine much better. I lean more towards bright colors so that would make sense.

I showed my Mom this tutorial and she made one too. We worked on them together, off and on, and it was a fun project for us to do together. We hadn’t spent much time together in a while, so it was good for us.

Watch how Darlene Michaud makes this awesome quilt in her step by step tutorial and I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did.



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