She Cuts Up Some Old Jeans And Creates An Item That Is Cute, Clever And Stylish. Watch!

What a fun idea to do with an old pair of shoes and jeans! I bought a pair similar to these at Nordstroms for $48! I wish I’d seen this before I made my purchase!

Although, I will be making these, since they are denim and the ones I bought were embellished with ribbon and jewels. They actually look like the same style, once she attaches the denim. I love the way she made sure to put the Levi’s patch on the front of these. I think they are so unique and precious!

I love different looking things like this because everybody doesn’t have them and you’re sure to have a lot of people ask you where you bought them!

Things like this are so much fun to wear! Do you ever wear something that just makes you feel fun? Well, these will definitely make you feel fun…like you have happy feet!

The clothes and shoes I wear definitely affects my mood. That’s why I try to wear things that make me feel good. It can really make a difference in your day!

I saw a pair on Pinterest that were made with this similar concept and they had put big denim bows on the ones they were selling. They were really cute too. Might have to make some of those with a pair of black jeans that I no longer wear.

Watch how Laniqua & Kaniqua makes these darling denim slides in their step by step tutorial.



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