She Dips Flowers In Plaster Of Paris And When They Dried Watch What She Did With Them!

Have you made Plaster Of Paris flowers yet? Well, if not, be prepared¬† because when you do make them you’ll want to put them on everything!
These flowers actually look like ceramic flowers…it’s hard to tell the difference!
So, when I saw these jars at the thrift store, I grabbed them knowing that they were crying out for flowers and when I bought them, I had no idea what their final purpose would be. I just wanted to make them pretty. Then it hit me that they would be perfect in my guest bathroom. So, I filled them with Q-tips, cotton balls, and small soaps…they are so stunning!
Some people dip a bunch of flowers in Plaster of Paris and make a wall hanging full of these exquisite flowers. There are so many projects you can do with these. I get excited just talking about it!
One large Dahlia looks beautiful just sitting on a table top, or on a shelf, by itself.
Plaster of Paris is a fun medium to work in. A liquid becomes a solid in a few short minutes and you get to decide how to form it. There are endless ways to incorporate plastered artificial flowers into your DIY projects for home decor.
Watch how The Magnolia Housewife does this in her step by step tutorial.
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