She Discovered A Brilliant Way To Make Her Old Couch Look Like New Again (Watch!)

This is such a great DIY project that I’m sure a lot of you don’t realize that you can do this! I’ve done this a couple of times with some chairs, with fabric seats and backs, that I found and they turned out awesome! It’s such a brilliant way to repurpose fabric furniture. I actually like mine better than I would have had I bought them new!

A gal told me she had painted some upholstered chairs and it retained the soft feel of the fabric by spraying the chair with water and adding water to the paint. I did some googling and found several tutorials that claimed this would work, even on velvet! I haven’t done it this way, but I’m open to trying it!

After the furniture dries, it feels like aged and cracked leather, like an old bomber jacket and it gives when you sit on it because this paint is chalky and soft, there is no latex in it so it does not have a hard quality to it.
I haven’t experienced the fabric ripping or cracking. I did a test drive and all seems to be well, I used the crackle on this because I wanted that effect, I would think that if you do get any cracks where you don’t want them, you could easily add a bit more paint in that spot.
The color does not come off on your clothes. The Satin finish works as a sealer. Debi, with Debi’s Design Diary, doesn’t┬árecommend waxing fabric, but did wax the frame and loved the results!The fabric on this sofa, shown in the photo, was a heavy cotton/rayon blend.
Watch how this zany and fun gal, Debi, does this in her step by step tutorial! I just love watching her!

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