Saturday, December 2

She Discovered A Simple Way To Alter Her Favorite Jeans! (VALUABLE!)

A lot of you are going to love this! We all have our favorite jeans and sometimes we lose weight and they are way too baggy! Well, this gal knows how to fix that problem and it’s so easy and clever!

Just recently I lost 30 lbs and nothing fit. I was glad for the weight loss, but when I put my jeans on, they were so baggy I couldn’t wear them. I was so happy to have found this tutorial because now I can wear the jeans that I love so much! When she finishes altering her jeans, it looks like they were made to look this way! Not only does she take up the waist, but she shows you how to take up those baggy legs! Now I don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money on new jeans…and they aren’t cheap!

I think I have enough jeans to open up a small jean boutique! I don’t know why, but jeans are always the first thing I look at in a store! I’m as bad as the woman who can never have too many shoes! I guess I need to go to Jeans Anonymous! I am so excited that I discovered a way to fix them! This is why I’m sharing this with you! I believe it’s very valuable information!

Someone told me to take them to the Tailor and that they would take them up at the crotch. I couldn’t wrap my brain around that being a solution to my baggy jeans!

What are you waiting for? Take off your pants and move back into those nice fitting jeans you’re longing to wear! Watch how WithWendy does this in her step by step tutorial so you can wear your favorite jeans again!





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