She Does Something Absolutely Beautiful, So Sit Tight And Watch What It Is!

I post a lot of Debi’s Design Diary tutorials because she usually comes up with some kind of killer project…like this one! Plus, I think she’s so goofy and fun!  I don’t know if it’s just me that finds her to be so funny, but I hope you enjoy her tutorials as much as I do!

This is a stunning, unique and EASY craft project. I had to make one right away, but I wasn’t sure where to get sea glass since I don’t live by a beach! If in doubt, look on Amazon! I found really cheap sea glass on there. But, you can always make sea glass if you don’t want to order it. There are tutorials for making “fake” sea glass, if you want to go that route. Also, craft stores carry fake sea glass.

I love how Debi warns you what not to do, in her tutorials…she saves us some headaches that way! She tells you what didn’t work for her in this tutorial, so I appreciate that about her.

I’ve seen bowls, similar to this one, on Pinterest made out of buttons, glitter, confetti and vintage lace using this technique, so I thought even though I hadn’t attempted to try sea glass it should work out just fine.

I actually saw one of these bowls, made with a different kind of glass for $68! I feel like I got a real bargain by making my own!

Watch our zany Debi’s tutorial so you can make one of these fabulous bowls too!

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