She Does Something Chic, Stylish And Super Easy To Her Jeans. Watch!

I love that all of the cool fashions that were popular in the 70’s have rolled back around, like embroidered jeans and tops, jeans with wide trims sewn on the hems, circle skirts, and many other things that were my favorites in that era!

Fringe and trims are very popular and the “in thing” right now. Don’t let this intimidate you…it’s rather easy to get this effect, thanks to the old washer and dryer!

Since the whole distressed, frayed denim trend came back into fashion in a huge way some people are asking  if your jeans look like that on purpose. I usually tell them they need to open up a fashion magazine and take a peek!

And while people continue to wonder why you spent your hard earned dollars on a pair of jeans with holes with unfinished edges, you can further alarm them by telling saying you took a perfectly good pair of jeans and did this entirely yourself.

This technique that she does might looks difficult upon first glance but trust me, you can DIY this designer look with just a few tools you probably have lying around.

This is what you’ll need to create this fabulous frayed fringe hem:

  • Tailor’s chalk or washable marker
  • RulerSeam ripper or tweezers
  • Scissors

Watch how Zoe fringes the hem of her jeans in her step by step tutorial.

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