She Does The Most Clever Chore Chart For Her Kids By Attaching Money To Motivate!

Love this chore chart for kids- you could easily DIY one of these and use other incentives besides money- I believe kids need to learn that certain jobs are part of life and we don’t get money for everything- but still love this idea.

I was so thankful when the day finally came when my kids could start pitching in to help around the house! They are old enough to start doing real chores and helping out.  I’ll take whatever help I can get these days.

Although I have to say now that we’ve had chore charts, I’m kinda thinking its more work getting them to do their chores than it would be if I actually did them myself. I bet you are desperately in search of a system to do the seemingly impossible… teach your darling children the value of work, try and maintain a clean home and all the while keep smiles on the faces of every family member (especially you!).

Am I right?  This is one of the most clever chore charts I have seen.  The thing about chore charts is that what works for one family may not work for another.  But I promise that if you keep trying you will eventually figure out a system that works in your house!!  Hopefully, this one will be your golden ticket!

Watch Lindsey, with  lindseys lifeNstyle, as she shows you how she did this in her step by step tutorial.


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