She Does This Brilliant DIY Project For $9 And You’ll Have To Have This Fabulous Item!

I never dreamed you could do this so easily. This is an item I would have thought you’d have to purchase, but there’s a DIY project for just about everything. I’ve saved so much money by DIY’ing things!

This is so clever and I’ve always wanted a table that had a clock for the top of it. I’m so excited about how easy and cheap this was to make!

Instead of using the wire basket trash cans, I wanted to make a pedestal end table and finally found a little pedestal table at a secondhand shop. I painted it and then gave it a rustic weathered look to go with my decor.

As for the clock, I found the perfect one. If you don’t know, Hobby Lobby, runs specials, every few weeks, and the clocks will be half off.

So if you want it, wait, don’t pay full price! Or, you can buy a really cheap one like the gal does in this tutorial. You can always find a bargain if you look in the right places or just wait a little while. Big Lots and TJ Maxx always have inexpensive clocks, so be sure to check those places out.

Watch how this gal with Kurly Girl Kraftz makes this cool table in her step by step tutorial.



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