She Does This DIY Bathroom Backsplash With Dollar Store Gems For $6 And It’s Amazing!

If you’re a regular Dollar Store shopper, which most DIYers are, you know about those little “gems” in the floral aisle. Well, they aren’t just used for flower vases any more!

If you have a really boring bathroom wall here’s how to refresh that boring wall with a Dollar Store gem backsplash.

There are two different kinds of gems – one with a flat back and one that looks like a marble. She used the ones with a flat back.

Dollar Store gems are an inexpensive way to give your bathroom a new and fresh look. The entire project from start to finish only costs $6 to do.

Everyone will be envious of your like new bathroom backsplash when you’re done! If you love a unique bathroom DIY, this Dollar Store gem backsplash is for you!

These little gems have made quite a statement in the DIY world! What started out to be flat glass (or round) marbles we used use only to put in flower vases to keep the flower stems straight in a vase has turned out to be one of the most used supplies in the craft world, wouldn’t you agree?

It actually never occurred to me to use these for a backsplash, but I just love the way it looks!

Watch how this gal with Hometalk does this awesome backsplash in her step by step tutorial.


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