She Draws Hearts On Plastic — Watch Why And How She Does This. You’ll Heart It!

I think all of us love anything with hearts on it, right? What she does with hearts, in her tutorial, is so awesome…you’ll be making one of these after you see this!

The first thing Laura does is she practices drawing hearts on plastic, with a dry erase marker, so that she can easily erase and redo a heart that she doesn’t like. She believes that anyone who can draw a heart can sew one and you’re gonna get an opportunity to put this to practice.

When she’s ready to start her quilt she irons fusible batting to the front and back sides of her fabric…the fusible batting is so great and makes our quilting lives so much easier. Can I get an Amen?

She’s sewing on white fabric so she picks thread that is a pale peach so she can see the hearts she is sewing on the fabric. She also recommends a couple of items and one of them keeps your fabric from sliding and the gloves help with sliding the fabric when you need it to.

She sits down at the machine and simply starts sewing hearts! This is called free motion quilting and it’s actually quite fun!

Watch how Laura Coia, with Sew Very Easy, makes this beautiful heart quilt in her step by step tutorial.




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