She Draws Lines On CD’s, Cuts Them, Paints And Bakes Them Making Amazing Mosaic Tiles!

This DIY project blew me away! I love doing mosaic projects but I’ve had to go to the craft store to buy the tiles every time I want to make something. I had no idea that you could actually make colorful tiles by using CD’s!

I had so many old CD’s that are piled up here and there in my home and just hadn’t had the heart to throw them away. Now I’m glad I didn’t! After watching this amazing tutorial I know exactly what I’m gonna do with them!

This is such a simple project you can do while watching your favorite shows on TV. That’s what I did and I got a bunch of CD’s cut up.

I’m currently working on a mosaic table top for my patio. It’s gotten pretty ratty looking and needed a facelift. It’s beyond painting and I can’t think of a better solution!

These are awesome used for wind chimes too! I saw some that were on Pinterest and contemplating doing that as my next project. And, the cool thing about this project is that you can cut the CD’s in any shape you want! They would make a great gift for someone.

There are so many great gift ideas floating around out there that I probably won’t be spending a fortune on Christmas this year because I’m gonna make some of the cool things I’ve discovered!

Watch how this gal on Make It Easy Recipes does this in her step by step tutorial and go gather up those old CD’s you’ve been hanging onto!


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