She Draws On A Tee Shirt. Watch What Happens When She Puts These Drops On It!

Isn’t it amazing how styles always roll back around? I love 70’s stuff!  After checking out my parents yearbooks and looking at the styles from over 40 years ago I knew it was time to bring some of these old fashion trends back.
I’m really into thrifting and looking for unique vintage clothing! So a few weeks ago I realized my only tie dye shirt was fading its colors (it was almost completely white!)
So I decided I would make a new tie dye shirt! But this time instead of dye I used Sharpies! I got so excited about doing this  and couldn’t get to the craft store fast enough!
I ran across this brilliant idea and was blown away at not only how easy this is to do, but the incredible designs you can make on tee shirts by doing this simple project!
I’ve had so much fun trying a new spin on getting those vibrant and funky colors on my shirts. It’s amazing how many cool designs you can do on these shirts and there’s virtually no mess involved. That’s always a bonus.
 This is an awesome tutorial on  how to do this incredible DIY project! Watch how she does this unbelievably easy craft in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy doing this great summer project!

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