She Draws On Glass With A Crayon And What She Does Next Gives Illusion Of Cracked Glass

This is such a cool DIY project…I would have never guessed that you could draw on a clear glass vase, with a white crayon, and get the effect of cracked glass, would you?

After she draws on this vase she paints it with a glitter glue and, not only does it give it a sparkle, but protects the crayon underneath.

I’ve always loved the look of crackled glass, and wanted to make my own. So after checking out the attached tutorial, I’ve found a quick and easy effect to give my glass that crackled look!

This is one of the easiest projects you can do and it makes a great gift for someone, when you are giving flowers to them. It adds a whole new dimension to giving flowers!

When you’re finished, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful crackled glass look without the expense or having to¬†blow glass!

What a great way to transform a cheap glass vase! Most of us have a huge collection of vases from receiving flowers over the years and this is just one brilliant way to make something beautiful for your home without having to go out and spend but a couple of dollars for the glitter glue!

Watch how Your House A Home does this project in her step by step tutorial and get out that vase and white crayon so you can make one too!



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