She Easily Decorates This T-Shirt For A Fun Item To Wear On Heart Day Or Any Time!

I love this DIY project because it’s super easy and really cute! Not only can you wear this for Valentine’s Day, but this is one of those you can wear year around!

I made one of these in about 15-20 minutes. That’s how quick and easy it is…my favorite kind of project…see results quick!

Not only did I make one of these for myself, but I just had to make one for my two granddaughters. They love them…especially the 13 yr old because she already thinks she’s a heartbreaker!

This shirt is so ridiculously easy. I’m thinking about making some of these up to put on Etsy before Valentine’s Day next year. When you can whip something out this fast that’s when you make a profit!

All she does is iron Heat and Bond on her fabric and then she draws and cuts out a heart. She follows up with writing “Heart Breaker” and then goes back over it in fabric paint. Yep…that’s it!

If you want you can sew around the heart, after using the heating bond, or do a cute embroidery stitch around it giving it an even more detailed look.

Watch how this gal with AwesomenessTV makes this super cute heart shirt in her step by step tutorial and get busy making yours!


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